Swissvita Skin Lab's Mandelic Acid Perfect Ratio Complex Serum, Anti-Spot Serum & Whitening Serum reviews

Posted on February 03, 2017 by Cheryl Lam


Just in time to receive my skin care products from Swissvita Skin Lab for this Chinese New Year *screams in excitement* and I can't wait to share about these lovely products with you!


A big thank you to Swissvita for the lovely present =)

Let’s start with their ‘Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Anti-Spot Serum’. This serum helps diminish the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation, making skin looks perfectly translucent. As women age, it is unavoidable to have dark or age spots and this is women’s worst enemy. With the help of the Anti-Spot serum, it is able to brighten and reduce the look of spots with the power of Vitamin C, giving you lighter and clearer skin. This product is ideal for me as I have uneven skintone and it is able to smooth out dull and uneven texture as well.


Next, we have ‘Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Whitening Serum’. I believe this is a favourite among all ladies especially Asians as we are often exposed to sunlight in Asia countries. Most ladies around me are always finding ways to whiten and brighten their skin. Not only Swissvita whitening serum is a highly concentrated whitening serum, it is boosted with intense hydration function so it is able to balance out uneven skin tone yet keep your skin hydrated. As a frequent beach-goer, I am happy to have come across this serum to help brighten my dark skin tone. I look forward to my fairer skin in no time!



Moving on, here is ‘Swissvita Mandelic Acid Perfect Ratio Complex Serum’ and this has to be one of my favourite skin care products. The ‘perfect ratio’ means it has a perfect proportion (4:3:3) of Mandelic Acid : Malic Acid and Citric Acid.

This would be an ideal anti-aging product as it effectively softens fine lines and wrinkles over time and brightens skin. It is powerful yet gentle to the skin without causing irritation. It is recommended to use only 2-3 times per week after cleansing and before toner / lotion.


All the abovementioned products are safe for all skin types as it is paraben-free, fragrance-free and alcohol-free. I like its water-base texture, which makes it non-greasy.


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