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What is dark spot?
Pretty straight forward, it is patches of pigmented skin that appear on face or skin over some time, and it will lead to uneven complexion over long time.
Generally, it is a sign of skin damage, mainly due to several reasons below:
1.      Genetic
2.      Exposed to sun without proper SPF protection
3.      Aging
4.      Hormones changes
5.      and more ...

There's supposed to be a lot more, but I'm no professional, so that's all the general knowledge that I know about the cause of dark spots.
I have already aware about preventing dark spot appearance since I was young, but I wasn't really paying much attention about it. All I do was just to make sure to apply sunscreen before I go out during day time.
However, I love outdoor activities, and due to laziness, I rarely re-apply. And not to mentioned, a lot of indoor lighting do contribute in the UV that I got.
I really do not want to accept the fact that I do have dark spots (minor ones).

It is simply a result of me lack in taking care of my skin, and most saddening, my skin is aging.

I don't mind aging, but I do wish that I aged gracefully. LOL


I have one dark spot on the tip of my nose, it is not super noticeable, but there is nowhere to hide, not even concealer can cover that. Of course there's a few lighter patches that is developing around my cheeks.

Enough mumbling.
I've been wanted to try anti-aging or dark spot treatment related product for some time. So I immediately say YES when Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Anti-Spot Serum was offered to me for review.


Swissvita is a brand from Taiwan, their product is well received and widely recognize by Watsons, Yahoo, Amazon and a lot of other print media.

Not only it's well received among celebrities, even Westerners love it! Can you imagine that?


Shout out to their high-tech packaging. It took me awhile to figure out how to open it correctly.

Instead of the traditional poking the lid open with the tip of cap, they make the sharp part inside the lid.

Honestly I was really impressed, because it is more hygiene and safe, the part that touches the product is not exposed (at least after it is sealed) and it will not cut my finger.


First Impression


The texture of this serum is slightly sticky, almost similar to the snail extract that is commonly used in other skincare product. On a side note, I really like the fact that it's fragrance-free, so it smells kind of like medicated cream, very light of course, and it's totally acceptable for me.


Squeeze out a pearl size, I apply it on my dark spot first, then I apply the rest all over my face and neck. Since it has ingredients to to lighten up the skin tone, I apply it all over my face for brighter skin.


I noticed the dark spot do shrink in size but the changes are too tiny to be notice on camera. On the other hand, this serum does not irritate my skin as I tend to get rashes whenever I tried anti-aging product.

I shall update with a picture when the result is more noticeable via camera.

You should try it out yourself to see the difference! Get your Anti-Spot Serum today here.
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