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Posted on August 10, 2017 by Emily Khor

“I have difficulty in sleeping soundly.” “I’m constantly awaken by slight noises and disruptions."  "I have trouble falling back to sleep after that.” “Occasionally, if I manage to force myself to fall asleep, I wake up feeling more lethargic than the night before! What should I do?” These are the common questions asked by people who are plagued by insomnia. What is the reason behind it and how do we avoid those sleepless night?

A lot of different reasons can affect our quality of sleep; try to recall the latest events you had been through. Are you under a lot of pressure recently, which can result in a constant tension on your mental health. Other than that, your sleep could also be affected by the activities that you are doing or the food you are eating right before you head for your night slumber.

These are the food that you should totally avoid before tucking in if you don’t want to be plagued by insomnia:

1. Candies, cakes and various other desserts
Sweetened food will only spike up your glucose level, which then make your body work harder to process the sugar in your system in order to return it to normal. The work you put your body through will affect your sleep quality. 

2. Oily, fried food
These food contains a massive, unhealthy amount of grease. Our body needs a longer duration of time to digest and process these grease. So if you have gone to bed right after eating greasy food, your intestine will continue to work through the night, thus resulting in having intestinal issues that will worsen your quality of sleep. 

3. Caffeinated food
Remember that time you danced in the middle of the night after you had your coffee? Caffeine makes us easily agitated and excited which is probably why we don’t recommend drinking any caffeinated drink after the sun goes down. (Yes, your tea and chocolate is bad for your sleep.)

4. Water and Beverages
Gulping too much water before you tuck in for the night will definitely make you want to pee while you are sleeping soundly. Interrupting your deep slumber will only make your quality of sleep decrease by a whole lot. 

However, there are food that will provide you with a night of good rest that could be added to your daily diet:

Bananas, Kiwi and Dairy Products
These foods contain high amount of tryptophan (which is amino acids that is used in the biosynthesis of protein) and dairy product also have a decent amount of calcium that could help us calm our nerves. Try drinking a glass of warm milk 30 minutes before calling it a night. (If you are an adventurous food taster, you could make yourself a glass of banana milk or kiwi milk.)

Nuts contain minerals like magnesium and zinc that are good for stabilizing your nerves which can help you no matter you are going to sleep or continue with your work because when your nerves no longer bother you, you can focus your attention on the task at hand with ease. Just have a small spoonful of nuts during lunchtime or before dinner. However, you do have to remember to eat only an appropriate amount of nuts because nuts are very high in calories so if you eat more than the recommended amount, you might just store unnecessary fats in your body.

ALLYOUNG NEWS EDITOR Emily Khor 2017.08.10 16:00

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