Belly Fat Blasting Superfoods

Posted on September 19, 2017 by Emily Khor

If you work out regularly, eat healthy food and get your 8 hour sleep every night and yet, the bulge your belly doesn’t seem to move. Not even an inch. Sure, sometimes you could very well be bloated because you are PMS-ing. You might be having constipation too. But sometimes, you just have to accept the fact: those are stubborn fats and there’s nothing you could do about it. Don’t be emotional, there are certain foods that you could add to your routine that could possibly (most probably) help you finally burn those fats off.


1. Coconut oil
This healthy saturated fat is so great with weight loss because it has a fatty acid medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) that our body prefers to burn instead of storing it. One holdback: Don’t overdo it. Coconut oil are not cholesterol-free.

2. Avocado
Researchers gave credit to its monounsaturated fats (a type of heart-healthy fat molecule that has only one unsaturated carbon bond) for its role in lowering cholesterol thus decreasing your waistline.

3. Broccoli
Not only broccoli, other green vegetables contain high level of vitamins A and C which can reduce your oxidative stress that will decrease your stress hormones that is responsible in storing belly fat. Plus, they aid in digestion and metabolism.

4. Eggs
This superfood is very high in protein, which can keep you full for a longer period, thus curb your appetite and prevent you from overeating. Another thing to add, eggs also contain an amino acid called leucine, a catalyst in burning extra fats.

5. Green tea
This anti-oxidant rich drink can help reduce inflammation and turn off the fat-storage genes in your body that is responsible for storing belly fat.

ALLYOUNG NEWS EDITOR Emily Khor 2017.09.19 13:00