No more calling yourself "Auntie" with Swissvita Skin Regenerating Vital Essence

March 29, 2019

No more calling yourself

Let me give you a challenge, ask the women around you: “What is their greatest fear?” They would surely give you an answer like this: “Aging”.

The worst thing that could ever happened to you? You are walking down the street, minding your own business when a kid suddenly calls you ‘AUNTIE’! That is the worst!

BUT BUT BUT have you ever realized that your skincare has stopped working?

No matter how diligently you use this product?

No matter how expensive it is?

No matter how beneficial it claimed to be?

Unfortunately, I had to tell you, this is what we called “Skincare Plateau”!

What’s that, you may ask? It’s the loss of effectiveness of your skincare routine because your skin became accustomed to the same old thing and your skincare does not get absorb into the skin.


WHAT YOU NEED NOW is the zero-step skincare called Swissvita Skin Regenerating Vital Essence to help your skin return to its 22 years old state.


This essence contains L22, an ingredient that imitate the nutrient found in your skin to help it get the nutrient needed to glow! Other than repairing your skin’s barrier, Vital Essence also helps to ensure your skincare product gets to be absorbed rapidly. The oil and water separation found in the bottle is also THE SECRET to a glowing skin.


The only thing that you need to remember about this vital essence is [1 Shake, 2 Pat, 3 Regenerate]

  1. After washing your face, pat vital essence on your face before using your toner.
  2. Before using vital essence, shake the bottle and ensure the Essence is fully blended (It will be beige colour)
  3. Drop an appropriate amount on your palm and pat it all over the face to help with absorption.
  4. Ensure that the essence is fully absorbed before continuing with the rest of your skincare.
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