8 amazing ways to reduce eye bags!

Living among the hustle and bustle of the city, inconsistent sleeping schedules are practically inevitable. However, this is at the expense of our beauty, as this worsens dark eye circles. Even after applying layers and layers of foundation, dark eye circles can remain obvious. But don’t worry, having dark circles aren’t the end of the world. In fact, we have some tips and tricks for you to banish them entirely! Follow the steps below, and your eyes will soon sparkle like diamonds!

1. Massaging the area around the eyes

Massage the area under your eyes in a circular motion, then do the same for the area under the brows. Upon reaching the inner corners of your eyes, you can hold and apply a little pressure onto the inner corners for about three seconds. This can effectively promote blood circulation and reduce the build-up of liquids surrounding the eye, which causes the eye bags. In addition to that, when your eyes feel tired, you can rub hands together to generate some heat. Next, cover your eyes with your heated palms, as this can help with the blood circulation too.


2. Massaging with hard boiled eggs

We often see characters in numerous TV series using hard boiled eggs wrapped with a towel to massage their bruises to eliminate them. Did you know that this method can also be used to effectively reduce dark circles too? This is because the warm eggs promotes blood circulation, reducing dark circles effectively.

3. Tea bags on eye bags

Do you always throw away your tea bag after using it? This is a waste! Other than used to brew tea, you can also use the tea bags externally by applying it on the eyes to lessen your dark circles. Dry the tea bags after using it, and toss it in the fridge for about 2 hours before applying it to your eyes. The application shouldn’t exceed 20 minutes as the pigment of the tea leaves would transfer onto the skin. Do note that those with sensitive skin should skip this step as it may irritate your skin, so proceed with caution!


4. Cucumber slices on eyes

Other than using tea bags, you girls can also try putting a slice of cucumber on your eyes. By putting a small slice of cucumber on your eyes, you can make use of the vitamin C in the cucumber to achieve a lightening effect on your dark circles. Moreover, the water content in cucumbers are extremely high, and can also be used on the eyes for a moisturizing effect.


5. Properly resting your eyes

One of the reasons leading to the formation of dark circles is fatigue, causing lesser blood flow to the area under the eyes. This results in a build-up of liquids which are the pigment visible as dark circles.. Therefore, when you strain your eyes over long periods of time, do remember to rest your eyes from time to time. Occasionally close your eyes, allow your eyes to rest for a bit, and then continue to be the best possible version of you!


6. Eating Right

If your eye bags are due to constantly being on the computer, you might want to consider drinking green tea which contains anti-oxidants to reduce your eye bags. At the same time, adequate intake of vitamin A and E can nourish the eyes and the surrounding facial muscles. Vitamin A can be found in foods such as carrots, animal liver, almonds, etc. while vitamin E can be found in sesame seeds, walnuts, etc. To increase the number of red blood cells and promote blood circulation, you can also consume more iron-rich foods such as kelp, and lean meat.


7. Drinking red dates stew

Red dates stew, or better known as jujube water not only has beautifying properties, but it can also remove dark circles with prolonged consumption. With both the beautifying properties as well as reduction of dark eye circles, it’s perfect for daily consumption. Drinking red dates stew can help promote blood circulation and lessen the congestion of fluids under the eye which causes the dark eye circles.  



8. Applying eye cream

If you’re wondering what to do in terms of skincare, you can also use eye creams that lessen the formation of dark eye circles. Not only are there countless products on the market that smooths out fine lines under the eyes, but there are numerous effective products that focuses on removing dark eye circles as well. You can use your ring finger to gentle tap a grain sized amount of eye cream onto the under-eye area at the end of your daily skincare routine. Not only that, you can also conduct step one and massage the area to increase blood circulation