Alternating weather, not sure what to do? Here are 4 steps to keep your skin moisturised!

Spring is nearing as February arrives. But with the constantly changing weather, many girls are unable to accommodate to the changing temperatures, which resulting in all sorts of skin conditions. Among them, one of the most common issue girls’ encounter is the dry, peeling skin.

In actuality, as long as you follow the four steps below, you can relieve your skin problems, well as obtain bouncy, youthful skin!


STEP 1: Wash your face

When returning from the cold outdoors to the warm welcoming home, it is necessary to wash your face after makeup removal! Keep in mind that most girls use face washes that are far too strong for their skin. In older weather, say goodbye to strong oil removal washes and products and stick to mild face washes that don’t agitate your skin!

Cleansing washes containing amino acids are highly suggested it increases the rate of moisture absorption by the skin. So not only can you remove any impurities, dirt, and dust from your face, you can also moisturise it at the same time.  


STEP 2: Skin Care

After cleansing your face, the next step would be to gently pat your face dry rather than wiping your face harshly with a towel so the water can effectively be absorbed into the skin. Then, apply your skincare products as soon as possible to maximise the moisture absorbed into the skin.

Toner >> Essence >> creams or lotions; follow the above "Water before the water" maintenance steps, in order to properly care for the skin. If your skin is dry in the winter, you can use thicker moisturisers. On the contrary, for girls who have oily skin, emulsion type products are sufficient as the last step of your skincare routine! 


STEP 3: Apply a Mask

As for masks, applying it two to three times per week is sufficient, as over-usage would bring negative effects towards your skin. Though this step is optional, it is still recommended as it will improve the texture of the skin. You can apply your mask after applying toner and your essences, and top it off with a facial cream of your choice.

When applying your mask, not only can you reap the benefits from the facial mask itself, but the remaining essence in the packet can also be applied to various parts of the body, killing two birds with one stone! 


STEP 4: Drink plenty of water & get ample amount of sleep

Finally, drinking plenty of water and getting an adequate amount of sleep, is the most natural and effective way to maintain healthy skin. It’s often implied that a woman’s flawless skin is obtained from beauty sleep. This is undoubtedly true! As long you consistently follow a set routine of work and rest, your body will not only feel better, but this shows on your skin too. Furthermore, don’t forget to keep your skin constantly moisturised. Though it is beneficial to drink plenty of water, you’re not meant to down it all in one shot. You have to constantly keep hydrated throughout the day in order to improve the texture of your skin!