Are you washing your face correctly? Let's debunk the top five myths of facial cleansing!

Cleaning your face is a compulsory step in every girls’ skincare routine. If you want to have flawless skin, you’ll have to wash your face using the right techniques. However, this seemingly basic step appears to be surrounded by countless myths. Today, let us debunk the top give myths of facial cleansing! 

Myth 1: is immediately washing your face when it’s oily or sweaty the only way to keep it clean?

Cleansing your face once in the morning and once at night is sufficient. Washing your face too often will remove your skins natural oils, causing your skin to be excessively dry, leading to peeling skin. If your skin is sticky from sweat, you can just rinse your face with plain water instead of deeply cleansing your face. Deep cleansing is only recommended to be done once a week, otherwise, it will agitate the skin, causing it to be even oilier. 

Myth 2: can washing your face with hot water remove impurities from your face?

Although hot water is effective in removing oil from your skin, hot water that’s too hot will completely strip the skin of its protective layer, resulting in enlarged pores and wrinkles. So using cold water is good enough? You’re wrong! Water that’s too cold will not be able to open up the pores, thus causing ineffective cleansing. It’s recommended to have the water temperature at about 35°C when washing your face, finishing with cold water to shrink the pores. 

Myth 3: Should you dry your face with a towel?

This is wrong! You will never know how much bacteria that’s on your towel, especially on wet towels. If you constantly dry your face with a towel after cleansing, not only will the fibres on your towel enlarge your pores, leading to rough skin, but the bacteria on the towel may trigger allergies. Therefore, after washing your face, it is recommended that you use both hands and gently pat dry your face with the remaining water. This also allows the remaining water to further penetrate and be absorbed into the skin. If you really want to dry your face, you can use towels with finer fibres, but remember to often dry and disinfect it after every use.

Myth 4: Should you only use one cleanser all year round?

No! Even if you’ve been using that cleanser for a long time without any issues, you should use different cleaners according to the seasonal changes throughout the year. In the summer, your skin will be oilier. You can then use a stronger cleanser to remove the excess oil from your face. In the winter, your skin may be drier due to the harsh, cold climate. You can then use a moisturising cleanser in order to retain and replenish the moisture in your skin. 

Myth 5: Can you only use facial cleanser to remove your makeup?

Wrong! If you girls are wearing makeup, never forget to remove it using makeup remover before cleansing your face with face wash. This is so that all traces of makeup can be removed, leaving your face fully clean. Even if you only applied sunscreen, you should also use makeup remover to remove it before washing your face. This is because face wash will only remove sweat, and dead skin. At the end of the day, you will have to rely on makeup removers too.