The mystery behind skin care products? Let's unveil the truth behind it!

In order to achieve perfect skin, girls tend to expose their skin to a plethora of skin care products. However, there are always myths and misconceptions floating around the internet. But what are the reasons behind these myths? What is the mystery that lies behind skincare products? Girls, let’s look into it together! 

1. The more expensive skin care products, the better the effect?

Many girls believe that the higher the price of skin care products, the more significant the effect will be. But this in fact this is the wrong idea! Girls should choose the right products based on their skin type instead of following the manufacturers’ advertising gimmicks or blindly follow the trend. Though different tiered products have different demographics, they each have unique properties that cater to their users. Regardless whether it’s expensive or affordable, they will have their respective loyal customers.  Thus, don’t just jump on the bandwagon, because what may work on others, may not work for you, even if it’s expensive. 

2. Choose skincare products according to age

If you are young, can you just solely use refreshing skin care products? On the contrary, if you have matured skin, do you need to use anti-aging products? This is wrong! The choice of skincare products have nothing to do with age, but rather be based on one’s skin condition. Even if you are still young but you have problematic skin, you should use the appropriate skin care products according to your condition. At the same time, if you’re thirty years old but your face is as smooth as a baby’s bottom, then you do not have to force yourself to use anti-aging products.

3. Must you purchase skincare products from the same brand and range for it to be effective?
Assuming you use brand A’s toner, do you have to use their essence, lotions, creams and so on to achieve the full effect of the products? In reality, when they develop products under the same series of skincare within the same brand, they conduct research and tests to ensure that they work well together, and will not have negative effects towards each other. Thus, even if you attribute good qualities of your skin to a certain product, it may not be due to that specific product at all. Girls, you should choose products that truly benefit your skin even if the brand differs from each other, as long as the effect of it is noticeable. 

4. Multi-benefit products aren’t as effective as specialised products?

Keeping up with the hype to save time, the market has recently launched a number of multi-effect skincare products. The idea is for you to only need to use a bottle and you’ll be able to skip the rest of your skincare routine. For some girls, this bottle would be a combination of lotion, essences and so on. With so many promises, there are doubts that whether or not the combination of so many elements will lessen the effectiveness of the product itself. However, with the constantly improving formulas, multi-functional products have developed to become more effective. As long as we choose the right multi-functional product according to our skin type, it can work just as well as specialised products! Especially when it comes to busy working women, you can use these products for shorter time used for skincare, enabling you to perform your best at work and look beautiful when you do it!

5. The more skincare products the better?

Many girls will mistakenly think that the more product you apply to the skin, the more the ingredients will penetrate and be absorbed by the skin. When in reality, almost every skincare product will contain preservatives to extend the period of use. Therefore, if you have layers and layers of thick skincare products, it is equivalent to large amounts of chemical substances applied to the face. This will lead to skin allergies and other problems in the run. Not only that, if you overdo the amount of essences on your skin, there will be an excessive amount of nutrients on your skin, agitating it, thus, leading to the development of acne. Ultimately, it is recommended that girls continue to use skincare products, but use only an appropriate amount of it during each application.