Don't save anymore! Being frugal won't do these products any justice!

The pursuit of beauty is women’s second nature. No matter what, even if we are low on finances, we’ll somehow find the means to purchase skincare products to improve the quality of our skin. But once we buy these products, we tend to cherish every drop of the product, using only the tiniest amount possible. But did you know, being frugal when it comes to using your skincare products may not benefit you, but may sometimes be counterproductive as well! 

1. Facial cleanser

You cannot be stingy when it comes to the most basic step of our skincare routine! Some people would only wash their face once a day or when it becomes oily in order to save their facial cleanser but this is definitely the wrong thing to do! Do note that one of the most important steps in skincare is to ensure that the face is clean so other skincare products can penetrate and be absorbed into the skin, enhancing its effectiveness. 

2. Toner

Toners are almost a compulsory product in every girl’s skincare routine. Not only that, it is the key product to apply after cleansing the face. Only after toning, can you use other skincare products such as emulsions, essences, etc.  As toner has to be used consistently, many are not willing to splurge on new toners, only buying large bottles of toners each transaction.  But did you know, once you break the seal of the bottle of the toner, you have to use it up within six months of opening the product. If not, certain ingredients in the product will react with one another, forming sediments.

At this point in time, the toner should be discarded. Don’t even think of reusing it to clean leather products, as the toner will cause the leather to get mouldy easily. 

3. Emulsion

In actuality, though the shelf life of emulsions are typically quite long as it can be used for up to a year, but water based emulsions will deteriorate quicker. As soon as it smells off, it has expired. However, some girls still tend to purchase large bottles of product either for the sake of saving money or time and effort, only to use the product once before it expires. In this case, might as well not waste money buying something you won’t be using.  

4. Essences

Typically, essences tend to be more expensive as compared to other skin products, thus, girls are more likely to save it instead of using it. Using too little product will not bring the desired result, defeating the purpose of the product entirely. A tube of essence should last you around three to six months, depending on your usage according to your skin condition. Though you should apply an ample amount of the product, using it too often may cause skin absorption issues. It’s recommended to use the appropriate amount of product according to your skin condition in order to maximise the effect of the product. 

5. Whitening products

Vitamin C or arbutin and other whitening ingredients usually oxidise easier. After opening, whitening products contain active ingredients that will gradually oxidise upon contact with air, which will greatly reduce its effectiveness. Once the colour of the whitening product begins darken, it means that it has begun to oxidize. Therefore, it is recommended that girls finish the product as soon as possible once it has been opened. 

6. Anti-acne products

You also shouldn’t be stingy when it comes to anti-acne products! As the composition of the products oxidises easier, thus a shorter shelf life, which is approximately four to six months. If it contains benzoic acid, the shelf like would be even shorter, as it will expire within three months or so. However, some girls would put their anti-acne products in the fridge to prolong their shelf life, but in fact, the low temperature inside the fridge will be detrimental to the ingredients in the product.
If you remove the product from the fridge when you want to use it and return it into the cold after using it, the changing temperatures will cause early deterioration. All in all, just use the appropriate amount and don’t save the product, as it will lose its effectiveness when it expires anyways!

7. Product samples

In order to save money, many girls will go to stores and collect a bunch of product samples to use. But then, when using the sample, we usually don’t use the entire pack at one go. Girls will then tie the pack up with a rubber band for future use. This in fact is the wrong approach! This is because once the product sample is opened, it will be exposed to the air, thus end up being oxidised. It’s recommended to use the entire sample pack at one go to take advantage of the effectiveness of the product. Furthermore, if the expiration dates and shelf life are stated on the product samples, you should pay attention to it and not stash piles and piles of it, only for it to be left unused and expired. 

8. Mask

Whether it is sheet-like mask or mud mask, it shouldn’t be used sparingly! As there is still remaining essence in sheet masks after using, some girls would put it back into the packet, intending to use it again. This will allow bacteria to breed in the packet, leading to allergies, swelling, and the like. Not only that, some girls would only apply a thin layer of the mud mask on the face. This is ineffective, especially when combatting acne as it isn’t as effective when used in small amounts. So even if you want to save money, do prioritise and think of your own skin beforehand!