All girls should know these skincare secrets!

As the season of weddings and special events are just around the corner, girls are starting to go crazy, buying all sorts of products to prep their skin for the special occasions. With a large variety of products ranging from basic facial cleansers, creams, masks, and even eye creams, etc., how are we meant to use all of them? What are the specific steps when it comes to setting up a skincare routine? 

"Water before oil": the first rule of skincare

First of all, the rule when using skincare products is apply "water before oil."
Start off with lighter products which require smaller amounts, then move onto heavier, more moisturising products. In other words, first apply water-based products, then apply oil-based products in sequence from light to heavy. This is to ensure the effectiveness of the ingredients in the products is maximised.

However, oil-based products are recommended to be used immediately after cleansing your face to moisturise skin that has been stripped of its natural oils. This is to accelerate the regrowth of skin cells and helps promote the effectiveness of the following skincare products used.
Moreover, products for day and night are also slightly different! So let’s delve in to discover more about its differences! 

Daytime Skincare Routine

Daytime: Cleansing wash→ toner → Essence → Creams / Lotions → Eye Cream → Lip Balm → make up base/ primer → Makeup
  •  If your skin is drier, you can choose to use creams; for girls with oily skin, you can use liquid emulsions.
  •  Before leaving the house, don’t forget to apply a base or primer with UV protection to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays!

Night skincare routine

Night: makeup remover → cleansing face wash → Exfoliating products→ toner → Essence → Mask → Cream / Lotion → Eye Cream → Lip Balm → sleeping mask
  •  Exfoliating products and masks should only be used 1-2 times a week to avoid excessively agitating the skin
  •  Toners and essences should be applied before the application of masks, as that the coating of the mask can help the products to be easily absorbed into the skin. 

Apply skincare products within three seconds after cleansing your face

When applying the skincare products, remember to massage the skin back and forth using gentle tapping motions so that the essences can be quickly absorbed by the skin. Also note that after cleansing your face, be sure to start your skincare routine within 3 seconds. Start off by applying the first product of the skincare routine - toner. This "3 seconds moisturizing method" method was first popularised by Korean artists as it can prevent the loss of moisture on your face, and thus allowing you to achieve the maximum moisturised effect.