How many of these skincare mistakes have you made?

Every girl has their own skincare routine. Through a number of trials and errors, only would we have found the perfect one for us. But then, many girls also tend to believe rumours and misconceptions about skincare from the internet or just apply the products randomly according to their preference, making countless skincare mistakes along the way.

Come take a look at the following skincare mistakes, let’s see if you’ve made any of them!


1. Applying masks everyday

It is said that Fan Bingbing apply up to 700 sheet masks a year, equivalent to using few facial masks a day. So in order to achieve the same smooth skin as Fan Bingbing, the girls followed suit, applying masks on their face every day, hoping that this will be able to make skin condition better. But in fact applying masks everyday will overwork the skin, as the essences wouldn’t be able to be absorbed into the skin as quickly, resulting in blocked pores, which then leads to pimples and acne. Therefore, you should only use masks 2-3 times per week. Though you may have good intentions for your skin, don’t be fooled by rumours on the internet! 

2. Only applying sunscreen in the summer

In the summer, we often applying sunscreen before we leave the house to prevent getting sunburnt. But once autumn and winter arrives, the rays are no longer as strong, and girls tend to push their sun protection to the corner of their table. Just because we don’t experience sunburn, doesn’t mean we don’t have to apply sunscreen. UVA rays are present throughout the year and are able to penetrate through clouds and into the skin. Not using sunscreen will allow the UVA rays to be exposed to your skin, in the long run, may accelerate aging of your skin. You should apply sunscreen every day of the year to not only prevent sunburn, but also to keep your skin looking young.

3. Popping pimples using your fingers excessively

When looking in the mirror, your pimples tend to catch your eye, and you instinctively reach out to pop it. The moment it pops, you tend to feel a sense of accomplishment. However, this practice will actually cause harm to the skin. Popping the pimples by hand isn’t only ineffective, but it would more likely cause a bacterial infection, or if you squeezed too hard, your skin may become inflamed, causing even more pimples. It is recommended that girls cleanse their face daily to improve their acne, as well as exfoliating to remove the built-up gunk in your pores. Exfoliating is also able to shrink pores, and reduce the chances of pimples reappearing!

4. Applying eye cream in rubbing motions

Girls often overlook the importance of skincare around the eyes. Even when they do apply products to lessen the fine lines and dark circles, they often just quickly swipe a layer of product under the eyes and call it a day. In reality, as the blood vessels around the eyes are more vulnerable, the application of eye creams should be particularly gentle. The correct way to use eye cream is to put the eye cream onto the ring finger, rather than the commonly used index finger. And then using your index finger with the eye cream, gently apply it around the eyes, and then gently tap the product into the skin to increase absorption, in order to maximise the effect of the eye cream.

5. Constantly applying emulsions onto dry skin

Girls with dry skin tend to feel itchy, especially during the autumn and winter months as the weather gets drier. To counter this, girls tend to increase the amount of emulsions they use to moisturise their face. However, excessively using emulsions would throw the oil and water balance of your skin off track, leading to even drier skin. This doesn’t help moisturise the skin, but rather make it too greasy when applied excessively. Therefore, if you think that your emulsion you’ve been using for a while now isn’t effectively moisturising your skin, you can opt to try out other products from different brands to suit your skincare routine.