Get That Lob

Posted on August 9, 2017 by Emily Khor

If you enjoy reading magazines, be it tabloid or fashion and beauty, a term known as the in between hair is often used to describe a longer version of a bob. It is also known as a lob (long bob). This hairstyle is neither too long that it annoys you nor is it too short for you to handle. It’s perfect for everyone, no matter what face shape you have. This trend is here to stay!

We all know a stylish hairstyle comes with having a clear and non-oily surface. But the question we all have is: Is Malaysia too hot for me to handle lob? The answer is NO but you do have to put in effort to maintain your lob if you are seriously considering this hairstyle. How hard can it be, you are probably thinking at the moment. Let me get this straight, Malaysia is for:

1. Hot and Humid
Which makes us sweat more than people in cold countries. Blame it on the weather. The temperature makes it unavoidable. We are going to sweat when we just came out from the shower, we are obviously going to be drenched in sweat if we dare to walk for more than 5 minutes under the scorching sun. Just keep in mind that when you sweat, those water and salts in your perspiration can cause your hair strands to be stretched and damaged.

2. Air Pollution
What’s with the haze happening recently in our country, we have to go out with blurry vision and a pungent smell in the air. As expected, air pollution will cause oily scalp because the dust and debris in the pollutant will settle on the scalp and harm the hair from within. These pollutants get into our hair follicles that will result in hair fall. 

This trendy hairstyle is still within your reach because we have a trustworthy product to turn to. Aeveop Wisteria Deep Purifying Shampoo is a product meant for greasy hair and it contains Willow herb extract which is great in minimizing pores and reducing sebum production to inhibit oil secretion, the surefire way to having a sleek looking lob. If you worry about the smell, it has distinctive floral scent that is easy on the nose. So, grab it now for only RM 55 (410g) each.

ALLYOUNG NEWS EDITOR Emily Khor 2017.08.09 17:30