Skin Care Tips For Frequent Flyer

Posted on August 24, 2017 by Emily Khor

If you are a frequent flyer, no matter it is for business or leisure purposes, you know how exhausting and taxing flying can be. That’s being said, your skin will also be haggard and dull after long hours of being in the airplane. Due to the air constantly being recycled in the cabin, the air has low humidity levels, thus this result in mild drying of the skin. If you are travelling soon and you worry a lot about the condition of your skin, there is no need to panic. Here’s some tips and tricks to help your face fake it until you make it.

1. Go Bare

The dry and humid environment in plane paired with the stress of travelling will make your face a perfect place for acne and breakouts if you still insist on wearing lots of makeup. Plus, certain brands of foundations, powders and concealers can further dry your skin out, resulting in flaky, dull skin that has a greyish undertone. This can result in wrinkles over time. Be sure to prep your face properly before heading for your flight.

2. With Makeup

If you really have to put on makeup because going barefaced is not in your book, try using lesser product on your face. Replace your foundation with tinted moisturizer but always remember to wear sunscreen. Skip on products that are highly pigmented to avoid clogging the pores in your face. You can skip any other makeup products but do not forget to put on blush. Always keep this in mind, your blush can make or break your look!

3. Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate

As the air in the cabin is recycled, there are no new air coming so this may dry your skin out, making it look lifeless and dull. The lifesaving product that you could bring to reverse that condition is a hydrating spray. Buy one that contains witch hazel for both moisturizing and acne-fighting benefits. Make sure it’s travel size so that you could bring it on the plane without much hassle. 

EXTRA TIPS: If you are always bored when you are flying, put on a mask. It could be a face mask, eye mask or a neck mask. You will reap the benefit of the mask while your time speed by. 

Flying a lot can cause wrinkles. You should totally consider using Swissvita Bio-Cellulose Lifting Neck Mask with ingredients that will smooth and firm the skin on your neck so you can easily fool people into thinking that you are only 18 years old. 

ALLYOUNG NEWS EDITOR Emily Khor 2017.08.24 14:00