Posted on October 20, 2017 by Emily Khor

Greetings Everybody! ALLYOUNG has officially moved to a better, nicer and classier office! We are now located at The Vertical, Bangsar South. Even though we had move to an office that is higher than our previous one at Sunway Nexis Soho, Kota Damansara, our hearts, missions and goals for ALLYOUNG will forever be the same.

To provide beauty and cosmetics products that were tried and loved by dermatologist, celebrities, bloggers and beauty editors with an affordable price that all women can afford without burning a hole in their pocket has always been our biggest mission. Our greatness does not just stop there, we also aim to provide up to date and accurate beauty hacks and tips to our customers. The articles provided by us aim to enrich our customers with the knowledge of everything they are interested in.

Now with all things said and done, let take a tour around of our new office.

This is our reception area. Decorated on the table are multiple pots of flowers that will help in creating a sense of warmth.

While standing at the reception area, if you look to your right, you will see our meeting room, which we uses to conduct our training session. We  often uses it for our brainstorming and videocall session with our colleagues from Taiwan.

Before the "Always Young" sign was installed.

After the "Always Young" sign was installed.

Just a few steps away from the meeting room is work desk for all of our Malaysia team. Seated on the two-row directly in front of the windows are our marketing team. The third row from the window are the editor and graphic designer.

Seen here is our chill-out zone. The team could sit on the grass or lie down on the wooden space if they need time to refresh and relax their mind.

Once you walk to the glass window, this is the magnificent view we see from our office every day. The scenery definitely will be breathtaking because we are on the 18th floor.
Well, that is the end of our new office tour. All of this is possible because of the talented interior design team at M&O who were so great at incorporating fun into normal mundane workplace. SHOUTOUT TO THEM! 

ALLYOUNG NEWS EDITOR Emily Khor 2017.10.20 12:00