Beauty Box For Oily/Acne Skin - 12 Months Plan



1) Sign up and create an Allyoung account. Must create an account to receive cashback.

2) Choose A Beauty Box Plan.

3) Receive 100% cashback in Allyoung Wallet after paying.

Use cashback to pay up to 10% of your next order.

There is no minimum purchase for next order and cashback has no expiry date!

4) We will deliver the beauty box every 6 months. Total will receive 6 boxes.

5) To redeem 1 free gift every 2 months ( different month from Beauty box delivery). We will send out the gift redemption code to redeem. Just pay the shipping fee and you will get the gift!

Example :

Deliver 1st Beauty box in April

Redeem free gift (Skin Serum 5g) in May

Deliver 2nd Beauty box in June

Redeem free gift (Cleanser 30g) July

Deliver 3rd Beauty box in August

Redeem free gift (Darkspot 5g) in September

Deliver 4th Beauty box in October

Redeem free gift (Toner 30ml) in November

Deliver 5th Beauty box in December

Redeem free gift (Eye Cream 5g ) in January

Deliver 6th Beauty box in February

Redeem free gift (Skin Renewing Essence 14ml) in March

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