3 Toner Ingredients To Avoid If You Have Dry Skin

September 15, 2022

Toners For Better Skin

The desire to have clear, flawless skin is the ultimate drive for skincare enthusiasts searching for the perfect skincare products for their skin. The journey to their goal is no walk in the park, more so for those struggling with certain skin conditions, like dry skin.

If you’re suffering from dry skin, you should be more focused on finding skincare products that work to keep your skin moist and hydrated. One of the ways to do this is to incorporate a toner into your skincare routine.

Toners are excellent at moisturising dry skin, enhancing skin texture, and controlling the flakiness and redness of your skin.

Like all other skincare products, toners are usually made of a combination of a few key ingredients that focus on enhancing your skin complexion. Unfortunately, some ingredients may dry your skin even more and cause further irritation.

Let us look at some toner ingredients you should avoid if you suffer from dry skin.


Denatured Alcohols

Not just toners but any skincare products that contain denatured alcohol is terrible news for dry skin. Denatured alcohol is a kind of ethanol with added additives. It is usually added to skin care products for formula stability, emulsifying the other ingredients, improving skin absorption, and preserving the skincare product.

However, the main downside of denatured alcohol is that it can suck the moisture and hydration out of your skin, leaving it dry and vulnerable to irritation, premature ageing symptoms, and a high risk of breakouts.

On dry skin, the effect of denatured alcohols doubles as your skin does not have a balanced sebum production as it is. So, for dry skin, it is best to stay away from toners that contain this substance.



Everyone loves a product that smells inviting but if you’re suffering from dry skin, steer clear of toners that contain fragrances. Fragrances are a term used to collectively refer to several elements that give the product an alluring scent. Though this substance is widely used in the beauty industry, some studies say prolonged fragrance exposure induces sensitive skin.

When applied to even normal skin, this substance can cause contact dermatitis and even headaches – imagine the severity on dry skin!


Glycolic acid

Glycolic acid is the simplest form of alpha-hydroxy acid derived from sugar cane. Though it is known for its ability to effectively exfoliate skin and give it a refreshed complexion, if you suffer from dry skin, stay away from toners containing this ingredient.

In the long run, glycolic acid can irritate your dry skin and make it even more sensitive. It can remove the healthy layers of your skin and expose raw skin, leaving it vulnerable to infection and skin damage.


Glycolic Acid Causes Skin Damage

More tips on applying toner for dry skin

Dry skin is often the result of a lack of skin hydration due to an imbalance of sebum production and your skin’s lack of ability to retain moisture. This is where the toner comes in.

Here are some techniques to reap the optimum benefits of a toner for dry skin:

  1. Find a toner that has all the right ingredients for your skin condition. For dry skin, look for toners with ingredients that address dryness, like lactic acid. Lactic acid is great for combating dry skin as it targets and hydrates areas of your skin that lack moisture.
  2. Apply toner two times a day during your morning and night skincare routine. This will ensure your dry skin always has a protective hydration layer and locks the moisture in your skin.
  3. Though your toner has safe ingredients, do not over-apply as it may induce irritation.
  4. If you’re just beginning to use a toner on your dry skin, apply it once or twice a week. Then, depending on your skin’s tolerance, you can gradually apply it every other day or daily.


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