5 Vegan Skincare Myths: Debunked

November 02, 2022

5 Vegan Skincare Myths: Debunked

Vegan skincare is trending, and for a good reason: it's environmentally friendly and packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that are beneficial for overall skin health. However, like all things vegan, there are a few myths circulating about vegan skincare that need to be put to rest.

In this post, we'll explain what vegan skincare is and debunk five of the most common vegan skin care myths. So, you can stop worrying and start taking care of your skin consciously.

What is vegan skincare?

Vegan skincare is a beauty regime or skincare routine that involves only vegan beauty products. Typically, vegan beauty products do not contain any animal-derived ingredients. This includes, among other things, beeswax, honey, lanolin, and dairy products.

Switching to a vegan skincare routine is more than just being kinder to the animals and the environment. Many vegan formulas are packed with more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and natural oils that help repair and moisturise your skin and keep your skin soft and protected for extended periods.

Vegan skincare contains a plethora of hidden benefits and active ingredients like vitamins A, C, and E, argon oil, seaweed, soy extracts, seeds and flower extracts, berries, and so on. These plant-based ingredients nourish your skin and leave you feeling as fresh as a daisy.

Common Vegan Skincare Myths

A Woman Using Lemon On Her Face - Vegan Skincare

If you're new to vegan skincare, you would have come across various comments and statements that are misleading and left you in a state of confusion. It is never a good idea to pursue a skincare regimen you're unsure of, no matter how tempted you are.

Here are five common myths surrounding vegan skincare we've helped you debunk. Read on and find out if vegan skincare is the better option for your skin.

Myth #1: Vegan skincare is expensive

Many vegan skin care products on the market today are becoming more affordable. Plus, vegan skincare products save your skin from the harmful effects of animal-derived ingredients. Prolonged usage of animal-derived ingredients can lead to skin conditions like skin discolouration, hormonal disruption, texture alteration, allergies, etc.

A vegan skincare regimen steers you clear off hefty medical and treatment expenses, provided you choose the right vegan products for your skin.

There are many ways to go about it when it comes to finding an affordable and safe vegan skincare products in Malaysia. You can try shopping online or at speciality stores, checking out reviews before making a purchase, or asking friends for recommendations.

The best way to figure out which product is right for you is by trial and error - experiment with a few different brands until you find something that works well for your skin type and budget!

Myth #2: Vegan skincare is equivalent to cruelty-free skincare

Generally, ‘cruelty-free’ in skincare refers to products that are not tested on animals, whereas 'vegan skincare' means skincare products that do not contain animal-derived ingredients or byproducts of animals.

These two terms are different from each other, but a product can be both or either one. This means that a vegan skincare product may have been tested on animals, and a cruelty-free product can contain ingredients that are ethically derived or sourced from animals.

To find a vegan skincare product that fits your requirements, read and understand the labels on the containers first before making your purchase.

Myth #3: There is no variety in vegan skincare

Vegan skincare in Malaysia is a booming market, so the variation of vegan skincare products increases day-to-day. From vegan face cleansers, lotions, and mists to vegan essence, there is a wide range of vegan-friendly skincare products in Malaysia ready at your disposal.

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Myth #4: Vegan products are entirely chemical-free

Vegan skincare products only promise ingredients that are derived or sourced from plants. However, just like there are possibilities for vegan products to be tested on animals, vegan skincare products may also contain chemicals and toxic ingredients that may trigger allergic reactions on your skin.

This is why it is crucial to be sure of the source and ingredients of your vegan skincare products. Before trying on new products on your skin, remember to do a patch test! For safe and effective vegan-friendly skincare products in Malaysia, shop at allyoung today!

Myth #5: Vegan skincare has gentle formulas that are not effective

Vegan skincare products have gentle formulas on your skin and contain fewer ingredients than non-vegan skincare products. However, this does not render them ineffective.

Vegan skincare formulas are friendlier on delicate and sensitive skin. They offer a lot of natural goodness that comes with plant-derived ingredients like Edelweiss extract and Mandarin peel extract. These ingredients can calm, soothe, and protect your skin; and restore your skin's elasticity and brighten your skin tone respectively.

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The bottom line is that vegan skincare can be just about as good as non-vegan skincare, or even better in some instances, as it's less harmful to your skin and the environment, provided it contains the right ingredients.

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