Your beauty-go-to while you menstruate

April 12, 2019

Your beauty-go-to while you menstruate

A woman’s biggest fear => Other than being called an ‘Auntie’, it’s ‘Period’. (Yes, I’m writing this with a hot pack on my stomach)

I know the inconvenience caused by having your period: You worry about it leaking every now and then, your cramp gets worse if you dare to even sip cold water and no matter how much you sleep, you still complain about being exhausted~ The worst of all, your skin gets EXTREMELY sensitive and your sebum production goes into an overdrive. THIS MEANS you have ugly, ugly skin during your period! Is this hell or?

Even though you can try to hide your pale, lifeless and hormone-raging skin, sometimes it’s just too much to handle for you!


No no no, I’ve found a perfect solution so you have one less thing to worry about during your annoying period.

The first-ever menstruation targeted skincare [Swissvita The R.E.D Essence]

This miracle essence uses two High-Efficacy ingredients to help revitalize skin

  1. Ancient Miraculous Plant – Artic Gentiana
  2. Anti-Aging Active Ingredient – Copper Teprenone

So even though this product does not help with relieving period cramps (trust me, I’m a sufferer myself), at least it helps to lessen your worry of a face full of pimples and oil!


The specially-formulated 3:7 oil and water separation is to =>

Oil => Contain ingredient like Copper Teprenone to help with restoring skin elasticity and Artic Gentiana to help with smoothing wrinkles.

Water => Contain ingredient like Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex to help with moisturizing skin, Centella Asiatica to help with stabilizing skin condition and Vitamins to help with creating bright and ruddy complexion

According to the customers’ feedback, as long as you use it diligently during your period, your skin will be ruddy/glowing/moisturized.

So to all the boyfriends/husbands out there, stop asking your partner to drink hot water, instead you could show your love and care by gifting them with this!


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