Pay The Price with Your Face (If You Are Making These Mistakes)

March 11, 2019

Pay The Price with Your Face (If You Are Making These Mistakes)

If you are routinely washing your face, eating a healthy and balanced diet together with an active lifestyle that involves you taking every food available in the office's pantry and transferring it to your desk, ARE YOU WONDERING WHY your skin isn't as clear as you wanted it to be?


No 1: Frequent Scrubbing

Whatever you get at the store, both online and offline, you look for something with microbead in it just to clear your pores. Yes, the occasional scrub is good for your skin (1-2 times per week, depending on your skin). Too much of it, however can damage your skin and turn it into the sensitive ones.

Fix: Oily Skin and Combination, 1-2 times per week. Dry Skin, Once per week. 



No 2: Incorrect Skincare

You see a skincare product being advertised everywhere on both Facebook and Instagram, you want to join in the fun so you went and bought yourself that. Then your skin gets worse even though you think you are taking good care of it. It's all because it wasn't made for your skin. OR it consist ingredients that aren't meant to be used on your skin type.

Fix: Read up on the ingredients used to make your products, get one that is targeted towards your skin type.



No 3: Hot Water

Do you believe in this saying "hot water enlarge pores, cold water reduce pores"? Well, you couldn't be any more wrong than this. This theory does not work on your precious face! Maybe you did tried it and it works. Sorry to burst the bubble, that's just because the cold water irritates your skin. So if you have sensitive skin, it will probably cause irritation and redness on your skin.

Fix: Just use room temperature water to wash your face, it is more than enough to cleanse those pores.