January 16, 2019


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I have severe dark circles and puffy eyes. I always try to cover them with concealers but I should be treating it instead. I started using Suddenbe ION and LED Eye Massager every day which targets fine lines, puffy eyes, dark circles, tired and dehydrated eyes. 

It's very small and light which makes it convenient to carry around. It even comes with a drawstring pouch to store the eye massager carefully. You also get an instruction manual.

This eye massager produces 18,000 times per minute of high-frequency micro vibrations. It's super easy to install and use, you just have to insert a battery, flip on a switch then slowly move it around the under eyes to massage. It has a sensor, the eye massager will only vibrate when it's in contact with your skin. You'll have to apply your eye cream to moisturise your under eyes first before using this. It contains two modes, long wavelength and short wavelength. When the long wavelength mode is switched on, there'll be a blue light on the eye massager. It helps to penetrate revitalising ingredients deeply into the area around the eyes. There will be a red light on when the short wavelength mode is switched on, it effectively smooths fine lines around the eye area.

red light for short wavelength
blue light for long wavelength
It's more effective to use a targeted wavelength eye massager as compared to your fingers as the high-frequency micro vibrations will deeply penetrate the essential ingredients of your eye cream into your skin. If you're only using your fingers, the eye cream can only moisturise your skin on the surface.

Use this in the morning to hydrate, brighten and depuff your under eyes before heading out. It also helps to smooth out the fine lines to prepare your skin around the eye area for makeup. You can also use this during other times of the day to soothe your tired eyes.

I don't see any obvious instant effects, my dark circles and eye bags don't miraculously disappear instantly after using the eye massager, but I did notice that my under eyes will look slightly brighter and less puffier, they also feel more moisturised. Besides, my concealer applies better and creases lesser into the fine lines on my under eyes. I've been using it every morning for more than a week now:
after the first time using it
after one week of using it
It might be hard to tell the differences from the photos above, but my eyes have become less puffier, however my dark circles are still the same.

I noticed that even if I've been using this eye massager every morning, my dark circles and puffy eyes can still worsen if I'm not getting enough sleep or if I've been staring at my computer screen significantly more than usual or if I haven't been drinking enough water. So even if you spend so much on eye products, it's still important to adjust your lifestyle for a refreshing and healthy complexion. 

This product is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin and pregnant women. You can purchase it here now.

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